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    What is FileLu?

    FileLu is an online cloud storage provider. We offer online files storage, remote backup capacity with easy-to-use uploading, and downloading tools. Our mission is to provide the best and simple online storage, file sharing service. Users can securely share their files with family, friends, or anyone around the world. We provide an online storage service along with a special feature Pay Per Sale (PPS), and Referral Program, check out Rewards page for more info.

    Why should I use FileLu? We are SIMPLE, RELIABLE and RESPECT PRIVACY.

    Is FileLu safe? Yes, FileLu is safe. All data will transfer via SSL Secure Socket Layer and encrypted at its data center.

    What are the benefits of referring a friend? If you refer a friend to FileLu, you will earn 10% of total points earned by them.

    Is copyright content allowed? No, FileLu does not allow users to post any copyright content. If we receive report of a user posting content that infringe on the copyrights of others, we will delete all that contents ASAP.

    Why did my files get deleted? You either posted offensive or copyrighted content. Or maybe your file is expired.

    when will my files expired? For Free plan users, your files will expired in 30 days from the last download. For Premium plan users, your files never expired.

    When do I get paid? Once you requested payment , we will verify your account and pay you asap. Although maximum time for wait is 5-7 days , but we usually pay within 1-3 days. Of course delay can happen if there is some technical reason , but we want to assure you that you will get paid if your work is legit.

    Why was my account banned/deleted? Either you posted offensive/copyrighted content or broke one of our TOS. We send an email to individual users as to why their account has been banned or deleted. If you do not receive email please check your spam box before contacting us.

    Can I stream audio and video files? Unfortunately, we are not support streaming service.

    Do I have to upgrade to Premium to earn money? No, you don't have to upgrade to earn money. Both Regular and Premium members are qualify to earn money.

    How to delete my account? Please use the contact form to contact us, make sure to include your username and email that attached to the account you want to delete.

    What are payment methods? We pay via several methods. Click on My Account to setup your payment info. We recommended Paypal, because we can send out money with in 2 days. Other payments about 3 to 5 bussiness days.

    What is Public file, Private file, Premium file? Public file: The file that can be view, search and download by everyone and can be index by search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing...etc.
    Private file: The file only view and download by the people whom you shared the link with, like friends and family or members of your group. Private file will not index by search engine nor search able. (All files upload on FileLu is set to Private by default) for extra security you can set password for your file in File Manager.
    Premium file: The file that only view and download by Premium users. You will earn 30% per Premium sale.

  • If you still have questions regarding our services don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.