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This California Privacy Policy (“CCPA”) is an addition to our Privacy Policy, which is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and already includes aspects of the CCPA. FileLu protects everyone’s privacy, regardless of location.

We collect the minimum necessary amount of information. We don’t buy or sell lists of information. We don’t unnecessarily share your personal information.

What we collect, how we use the information, how others may obtain your personal information and how you can limit personal information collection is detailed in our Privacy Policy. Some basic info, like IP address which establishes geolocation, is collected automatically so we can provide the services you expect from FileLu. And, some info you voluntarily give us, like when you sign up for an account. How long we keep your data on FileLu is detailed in our Data Retention Policy. You can delete the account you created at any time.

By virtue of your use of the internet, your purchases, your actions, you create a need for us to share various aspects of your data to necessary third parties in order to provide the services you request and to comply with the law. For example, if you make a purchase, we have to provide your credit card information to the credit card processors for your purchase to be approved by your credit card company. CCPA does recognize that transferring personal information to a service provider under the law is not a sale.

If you don’t restrict ads or purchase an Premium ad-free account, you allow advertisers to collect your IP address which they use to identify where you are in the world so they can show appropriate ads. If you Opt-out , we will put a cookie on your computer to prevent passing your information to advertisers. If you clear your cookies, you should Opt-out again.

FileLu also uses information to satisfy applicable laws or regulations, and discloses information in response to legal process or enforceable government requests, including to law enforcement.

Your Privacy Rights

If you are a resident of California, under the CCPA, you have the following rights:

Right to Know: Up to twice every 12 months, you have the right to request that we disclose to you the personal information we collect, use, or disclose, and information about our data practices;

Right to Request Deletion: You have the right to request that we delete your Personal Information that we have collected from you;

You can delete your account yourself, or we can help you

Right to Non-Discrimination: We will not discriminate against you for exercising any of these rights.

Right to Opt-Out of Selling: We do not sell personal information. However, to the extent sharing your personal information is considered a “sale” under the CCPA, as a California resident you have the right to Opt-out of sharing.

For assistance, you can contact customer support via our Contact form or email us at [email protected].