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    What is FileLu?

    FileLu is a cloud storage provider that offers online file storage and automatic backup capabilities, accompanied by easy-to-use upload and download tools. Our mission is to provide the best, simplest, and most affordable online storage and file backup service. With FileLu, users can securely store and share their files with anyone around the world, be it family, friends, or a team.

    Why should I use FileLu? We are SIMPLE, RELIABLE and RESPECT PRIVACY.

    Is FileLu safe? Yes, FileLu is safe. All data will transfer via SSL Secure Socket Layer and encrypted at its data center.

    What is FileLu FileDrop?

    FileDrop allows others to upload files directly to your account folders. You can share the folder link with them or embed the upload button on your website. To get started, simply create a folder in My Files and click on the ellipsis (three dots) vertically aligned to enable FileDrop. Then, share your folder link with anyone to allow them to upload files to your account folders.

    How to keep my FileLu account safe and secure? We recommend using strong passwords for your account, set Security PIN and enabling 2FA TOTP in My Account. Also, you can turn Security Lock ON so no one can change your account information unless they have access to your email account.
    ( Strong password + 2FA + Security PIN + Security Question + Security Lock )

    If your email got hacked and you can't reset your password, or you can't log in to your account for any reason. You can contact us with your Username, Security PIN and Security Answer to get your account back.

    We recommend: Turn ON all 2FA TOTP, Security PIN, Security Question / Answer, and Security Lock to keep your account safe.

    Is copyright content allowed? No, FileLu does not allow users to post any copyright content. If we receive a report of a user posting content that infringes on the copyrights of others, we will disable all that content in an expeditious manner.

    How to report copyright infringement? Please follow this link Copyright DMCA to report the copyright infringement. We pay the highest attention to your reports.

    How to report violations or abuse of content? Please send all abuse reports to email: [email protected] to report the violation or abuse infringement. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information about violations.

    What happens if I reached max allowance bandwidth? You are unable to download any file on FileLu servers until your allowance bandwidth is reset.

    When will my allowance bandwidth reset? For Anonymous and Registered users: Allowance bandwidth will reset daily.
    For Premium users: Allowance bandwidth will reset monthly.

    Why did my files get deleted? You either posted offensive or copyrighted content. Or maybe your file is expired.

    When will my files expire? FileLu automate system will be removed and deleted all inactive files.
    For anonymous / unregistered users, your files will be expired in 10 days if no download or 10 days from the last download.
    For Premium users, your files never expired.

    Why was my account suspended? Either you posted offensive/copyrighted content or repeatedly violated one of our Terms. If you think your account was suspended by mistake please contact us.

    How to cancel my recurring payment subscription? You can cancel your recurring automatic payment in My Subscription. Or click this button

    How to delete my account and all my data? You can delete your account in My Account. It's very simple just click on the red button [Delete my account].

    Unable to connect FTP or WebDAV? Make sure your login info is correct, also switch ON FTP or WebDAV in My Account.

    What is file ONLINE / OFFLINE? ONLINE: Anyone can download your files with the link you shared (file sharing).
    OFFLINE: Only you can download your files (not sharing).

    What is Public file, Private file? Public file: The file will show on your public shared folder and can view and download by anyone.
    Private file:The file is only viewed and downloaded by the people with whom you shared the link, like friends and family or members of your group. All files upload on FileLu is set to Private by default, for extra security you can set password for your file in My Files / File Manager.

  • If you still have questions regarding our services don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.