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Introducing FileDrop feature: Effortless File Sharing Made Simple

FileLu FileDrop Feature

FileDrop empowers you to seamlessly gather files from others by allowing them to directly upload to your account folders. Designed with the needs of individuals in mind who regularly exchange or receive files, this feature simplifies the process and enhances collaboration.

Enabling FileDrop for your desired folder is a simple process. Once activated, you can effortlessly share the folder link with others, allowing them to upload files directly to your account, simply by sharing the folder link with them.

All files uploaded through FileDrop are securely stored in your account folder, providing a centralized and organized repository. To take advantage of this convenient feature, follow these straightforward steps: navigate to My Files => Folder Management => Add New Folder. Toggle ON FileDrop, and you're ready to share your FileDrop folder link with anyone, streamlining the file-sharing process. Experience the simplicity of FileDrop and elevate your collaborative efforts today.