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Linux and macOS Terminal CLI Auto Upload

Introducing our FileLu script, designed for those who enjoy using the command line on Linux and macOS. This script simplifies the process of automating file uploads and backups from your Linux or macOS computer to your FileLu account. If you like working with the terminal and commands, you're in luck – our script can be easily installed and operated right from your Linux or macOS command line. Enjoy the convenience of CLI-powered auto uploads and backups, making it easy to secure your data. Additionally, this script is compatible with Raspberry Pi and other IoT devices, providing flexibility in your data management strategies. If you face any challenges or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Install FileLu terminal auto upload API for Linux / macOS
Note:: To ensure smooth functionality of the Linux CLI auto upload script, please ensure that your API key is enabled. You can locate your API key by navigating to the following link: https://filelu.com/account, then proceed to the API Key section and switch it ON.


curl | tar | jq
For Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install jq curl tar For CentOS/RHEL: sudo yum install jq curl tar For Fedora: sudo dnf install jq curl tar For Raspberry Pi: sudo apt install jq curl tar For openSUSE: sudo zypper install jq curl tar For macOS (install brew if needed https://brew.sh/): brew install jq curl tar

Copy and paste this in the terminal:

For Linux:
curl -o filelu.tar https://filelu.com/tools/filelu.tar sudo tar -xvf filelu.tar cd filelu chmod +x install_filelu.sh ./install_filelu.sh
For macOS:
curl -o filelu_mac.tar https://filelu.com/tools/filelu_mac.tar sudo tar -xvf filelu_mac.tar mv filelu_mac /Applications/filelu_mac cd /Applications/filelu_mac chmod +x install_filelu.sh ./install_filelu.sh

Enter your API key:

Get your API key in My Acount page
Enter your API key:

Enter folder id you want to upload to:

If you don't see any folder you can create new folder in My Files
Available Folders - fld_id: Sample_folder - xxxxxx Sample_folder_2 - xxxxxxxx Enter the fld_id of the target folder (numbers only):

Enter path to local folder you want to upload:

e.g: /path/to/backup

For Linux, if the installation is successful, you will see something like this:

filelu.service - FileLu Upload Script Service Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/filelu.service; enabled; vendor preset: > Active: active (running) since Wed 2023-10-04 21:28:38 EDT; 3h 28min ago Main PID: 1144589 (filelu.sh) Memory: 1.9M Press Enter to continue or Ctrl+C to exit.

Finally, apply all changes with this command :

For Linux:
source ~/.bashrc
For macOS:
source ~/.zshrc

Done! Now you will be able to auto-upload and backup files from your Linux computer to your FileLu account.

Usage / Help:

You can run: filelu -option Or filelu.sh -option e.g: filelu -h e.g: filelu -l e.g: filelu -d /path/to/folder/upload
-h to show this help -f /path/to/file to upload e.g /path/file.zip -d /path/to/folder to add to folder_paths.txt to upload e.g /home/upload/ -r /path/to/folder to remove folder path from folder_paths.txt -t fld_id to specify the target folder for upload -o to list folders with Folder Name - fld_id -l to list files with Filename - Size (MB) - Download links -update to update