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Linux Terminal CLI Auto Upload

Where can I find my API key? https://filelu.com/account => API Key => Switch ON

Introducing our FileLu script for Linux, designed for those who prefer command-line input (CLI). This script simplifies the automation of file uploads and backups from your Linux computer to your FileLu account. If you’re a fan of the terminal and CLI, you’re in luck – this script can be easily installed and operated right from your Linux command line. Say hello to efficient CLI-powered auto uploads and backups that make safeguarding your data a breeze. You can also install and run this script on a Raspberry Pi or any IoT devices. If you face any problems or have any questions, please contact us.

Install FileLu auto upload API for Linux


curl | tar | jq
For Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install jq curl tar For CentOS/RHEL: sudo yum install jq curl tar For Fedora: sudo dnf install jq curl tar For Raspberry Pi: sudo apt install jq curl tar For openSUSE: sudo zypper install jq curl tar

Copy and paste this in the terminal:

curl -o filelu.tar https://filelu.com/tools/filelu.tar sudo tar -xvf filelu.tar cd filelu chmod +x install_filelu.sh ./install_filelu.sh

Enter your API key:

Get your API key in My Acount page
Enter your API key:

Enter folder id you want to upload to:

If you don't see any folder you can create new folder in My Files
Available Folders - fld_id: Sample_folder - xxxxxx Sample_folder_2 - xxxxxxxx Enter the fld_id of the target folder (numbers only):

Enter path to local folder you want to upload:

e.g: /home/upload

If the installation is successful, you will see something like this:

filelu.service - FileLu Upload Script Service Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/filelu.service; enabled; vendor preset: > Active: active (running) since Wed 2023-10-04 21:28:38 EDT; 3h 28min ago Main PID: 1144589 (filelu.sh) Memory: 1.9M Press Enter to continue or Ctrl+C to exit.

Finally, apply all changes with this command :

source ~/.bashrc

Done! Now you will be able to auto-upload and backup files from your Linux computer to your FileLu account.

Usage / Help:

You can run: filelu -option Or filelu.sh -option e.g: filelu -h e.g: filelu -l e.g: filelu -d /path/to/folder/upload
-h to show this help -f /path/to/file to upload e.g /path/file.zip -d /path/to/folder to add to folder_paths.txt to upload e.g /home/upload/ -r /path/to/folder to remove folder path from folder_paths.txt -t fld_id to specify the target folder for upload -o to list folders with Folder Name - fld_id -l to list files with Filename - Size (MB) - Download links -update to update