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FTP Protocol Connection and CCTV Security Camera FTP Server Storage

FTP Protocol Connection and CCTV Security Camera FTP Server Storage
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April 15, 2024

First, go to My Account and switch On FTP / FTPS

FTP Host:

Port: 21

Or secure port: 990 (Implicit)
FTP Login:your account username
FTP Password:your account password
    Recommended free FTP client support synchronization:

  1. 1.Winscp
  2. 2.FileZilla

    Now you can upload, download, synchronize, create folders, rename, and delete files or folders via FTP protocol, also you can connect your security camera CCTV to your FileLu account. Premium users can access to CCTV Loop recording/uploading feature. Our FTP server work best with Foscam IP camera.

    What is CCTV Loop uploading or storage? Loop recording/uploading is a process of recording video or uploading continuously to your FileLu account by replacing previously uploaded files with a new file if the CCTV folder /directory is out of space or full.(Overwrite when the CCTV storage is full)

    What is a camera FTP server?
    An FTP server for IP cameras is an online security camera storage option, which allows you to upload and save CCTV images and videos to a network platform.By uploading security camera footage to FTP servers, even instructor took the camera away you still have footage saved in the FTP server.

      Are you having a login problem with the FTP connection?
    • Make sure your FileLu username and password are correct.
    • Contact us with a screenshot of your FTP configuration.


    This article only addresses a limited selection of software that you can use for this protocol.


    WinSCP, FileZilla

    • Linux
    • FileZilla
    • FTP
    • ncftp
    • lftp


    • TotalCommander (FTP Plugin)
    iPhone iOS

    FTP Client Lite

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